About Sirena

I am a Finnish artisan and designer. I was born in Northern Ostrobothnia, Oulainen. At the moment I’m studying Master studies in Contemporary Design at Aalto University, Finland. I graduated as a designer from Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts in 2016 and as an artisan from Jyväskylä Technical College in 2008. My style as a designer is functional and simple yet artistic and fun.

Ethics in design are very important to me and therefore I’d like to design more for basic needs in an ecological way. In my bachelor thesis I worked with asylum seekers aiming to find ways to solve the problems of privacy in the refugee centers.

I is also an enthusiastic traveller. My biggest journey was an eight month backpacking trip as a solo traveller in Asia and Europe. I am seeking inspiration for my designs around the world and different cultures as well as from the needs of people and Finnish nature. Lately I’ve been drawn into the world of photography that I’m going to explore further.